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Post by Shiney on Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:01 pm

BILLY THE MIME....otherwise known as STEVEN BANKS...magician, comedian and writer of children's programming (CATDOG, JIMMY NUETRON, SPONGEBOB) his character "Billy" is a mime like no other...his routines near tasteless interpretations of things....most mimes wouldn't touch with an imaginary 10 foot pole....

The above routines were the only ones on youtube...but I implore those with a darkly twisted sense of humor to hit his site and watch the trainwreck beauty of routines such as..."The Aristocrats" footage (albeit spainish) is from the great film of the same title....below is a list of some of his routines...which Im sure are insane....

Close To Her: Karen Carpenter

Van Gogh

A Night In San Francisco: 1979

The Bible Part One

The Clown & The Beautiful Woman

Anna Nicole: A Life

A Crack Whore Christmas

A Night with Jeffrey Dahmer

Judy: Over The Rainbow

World War II

Mackensie Phillips: Bad Times

Kurt Cobain: Why?

The Priest and The Altar Boy

Terry Schiavo, Adieu

A Romance

The African American Experience

The Sixties

The Abortion

Jesus: The Last Days

Michael Jackson: The Life

The Drive-By

The Lonely Teenager

Princess Diana

The Butterfly Killers

High School

One can only imagine.....

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Re: Mimes....

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:56 pm

What timing! Today I'm wearing my hoodie that features a mime hanging himself. . .


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