Issue #3 is Now Available!

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Issue #3 is Now Available!

Post by Kenwood on Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:55 pm

Though it's been available since last week, I hadn't seen a proof until today. I didn't want to announce it until I physically touched a copy. Now that I have, I am pleased to announce it fit for purchase! (Sorry, I'm a perfectionist.)

Currently you can order it directly from us through Paypal and also through our printer and More online retailers will make it available in the coming days and weeks. Visit to order now.

For those who have not seen it, here is the full table of contents:

* Victim of Changes: An Editorial, by K. Allen Wood
* Bop Kabala and Communist Jazz, by Tim Lieder
* The Meat Forest, by John Haggerty
* Tying Notes to Bricks: A Conversation with D. Harlan Wilson, by John Boden
* Drift, by Amanda C. Davis
* Worm Central Tonite!, by John Skipp
* Fifth Voyage, by WC Roberts
* Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews)
* Abominations: Voracious Black: An Article, by Mercedes M. Yardley
* Day Job, by Merrilee Faber
* A Birth in the Year of the Miracle Plague, by Jeremy Kelly
* The Outlaw Fringe: A Conversation with Count Lyle (Ghoultown), by K. Allen Wood
* Wanting It, by Aaron Polson
* Eye, You, by Joseph Morgado
* Bloodstains & Blue Suede Shoes, Part 1, by John Boden and Simon Marshall-Jones
* Stitched, by Christopher Green
* Ruth Across the Sea, by Steven Pirie (2010 Flash Fiction Contest Winner)
* Duval Street, by Mekenzie Larsen
* Mr. Many Faces, by S. Clayton Rhodes
* Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)

At 150 pages, this issue is 50% bigger than our previous two. As such, the cost has been increased to $6.99. We apologize for this, but it was unavoidable. And it's still less than most magazines.

We hope you enjoy this new issue. It turned out brilliant. And as always, thank you for your continued support. You ROCK!

Stay well,

Oh, and don't forget, our first two issues are on sale for the rest of the month. The cost for each is just $3.89, plus shipping.

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