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Stephen Graham Jones

Post by Rhordain on Mon May 02, 2011 7:25 pm

so, as I sit waiting for one of my exams to start, I figured I might give some plugging to one of my professors. Jones (not the dude who does the horror anthologies, though he does get some misdirected mail occasionally) is basically my man-crush here at CU. he's the closest thing to a writing rock star I've seen yet. and he's a great writer, to boot, not just "cool." I'm reading his IT CAME FROM DEL RIO right now, and I honestly just can't believe how easily I slide into it, how real it feels to me, especially since I've no idea what contraband-running out of Mexico is like. he mixes horror in with all kinds of stuff, and it's always organic.

check him out, maybe take a leapchance on DEL RIO off Amazon or something. I can't think of a writer I would recommend more, save King, maybe, and Jones has a much smaller base.

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