New David Niall Wilson novel - MAELSTROM

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New David Niall Wilson novel - MAELSTROM

Post by Tall Tyrion on Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:12 am

Set to drop next month from Bad Moon Books. The title is MAELSTROM, and it sounds cool:

Something in Lavender, California is waking up. Rituals not properly completed for centuries are coming together. Nothing is what it seems.

When Nick Leatherman, his girlfriend Ruthie, and their buddies Flash and Weasel invade Shady Grove Cemetery for a “ghost hunt” on their way home from a concert, they are drawn into a web of darkness and intrigue that threatens to consume them. Nick and Ruthie witness a gruesome murder, and Nick’s pocketknife shows up at the crime scene the next morning.

Nick has had problems in the past, and Inspector Kendall Straker remembers. He remembers Ned Leatherman, Nick’s alcoholic step-father as well, and he doesn’t believe the boy is a killer. The problem is that the knife - emblazoned with the name of the band Maelstrom - is the only clue he has.

Plus, and this is as cooler than a freezer full of Fonzies, if you buy the limited edition hardcover, you will have a chance at willing a hand bound story set in the same locale as the novel that David will write your name into!

Order The Hardcover

Order the Trade Paperback

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