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Post by Theresa on Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:13 am

To all my musican/artist friends and connections,

AS you know Occupy Wall Street is gaining even more momentum in spite of Tuesday night's raid. Tomorrow Nov. 17 marks the 2nd month anniversary of OWS. We need a huge turnout at Thursday's events. There are 2 below that are very important. If you can get up early and are willing to risk arrest the 7 am event is for you. It is probably the more crucial of the 2 events.

In the afternoon we are meeting with local 802 members and our own independent Musicians' Solidarity Council at the corner of Worth and Centre Street (Thomas Paine Park - seems appropriate) by Foley Square at 4 pm to march with the other unions and labor people across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a permitted event.
Even if you are not in the area send your best wishes and spread this informaiton widely. We need people in the streets instead of in front of their TVs.
Thanks to you all.


Musicians Guild of OWS is planning a march to the ny stock exchange on Thursday morning as part of a global day of action and we seek your support in alerting musicians as to how they can get involved.

During the recent eviction raid many instruments were illegally confiscated from occupiers, including sadly, all of the drummers' gear save for 2 drums.
We hope that drummers, horn players and all other musicians will come out to support both the movement itself and it's musicians. We want to make a joyful noise!!
Musicians should come to the corner of Wall st. and Broadway at 7 am on Thursday morning and if there are instruments that can possibly be donated that would be helpful too.
You can call Ernie Vega from the ows music guild 646-402-2421 with any questions.

Event #2

Thurs Nov 17 Support Occupy Wall Street!
Labor/Community Rally & National Day of Action
Show solidarity for the growing movement against inequality and corporate greed.
Join Musicians Solidarity Council and potentially hundreds of thousands across the country on Thursday, Nov 17 in a National Day of Action!
Resist austerity! Reclaim the economy!
Recreate our democracy! Money for jobs, not war!
5 pm: Rally at Foley square, Manhattan
MeetMusician Solidarity Committee members including AFM local 802 members at 4 - 4:30 pm at Thomas Paine Park. Worth And Centre Street NW corner of Foley Square
Look for our signs.

A permitted march across the Brooklyn Bridge will follow the rally.
For more info: Www.occupywallst.org . or Www.nycga.net
See you there Dress appropriately bring water

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Post by Jats on Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:43 pm

hope it went well...a repost then...

"...at least the St Paul's occupiers have almost got it right, the church now shitting themselves at taking one side or the other, as like I have said previously they are occupying the wrong place, occupy a National Park, or a famous monument then there is no excuse to turf you out, oh and be anonymous..." as the chameleon secretly smiles here joining in the occupation of this thread too then "...see this is one of those times when real life mirrors forum-land, where once you know how to blend into the background while still making your point, you can't be touched...what they gonna do arrest you for leaning against a tree..."


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Post by fleamailman on Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:26 am

"...ah no, the banks weakness is always their investor's confidence in them..." mentioned the goblin, adding "...while the way to break the banks hold here is to point out their weakness within their present situation..." mentioned the goblin, explaining "...that is that we have to follow iceland's example and simply say "taxpayer's money is not going to bail out those investors here, the constituents do not see why they have have to foot the bill for their government's not acting sooner in their interest", where if any investor was actually deceived by the bank, then there's a legal case for reimbursement under the law instead, whereas if we act in some fear that the system might collapse without forking up whatever, then we simply throw good taxpayer's money after bad bank's investments as seen in the sub primes bailout in 2007...", simply the goblin never forgot the line that went sovereign debt does not have to be repaid, where if everyone can see debt forgiveness towards african countries as a good thing, then how about extending that logic to other countries too, so it's time to default perhaps


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