Musician Gear Rundown

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Musician Gear Rundown

Post by Masonian on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:23 am

Ok, how many of us here are musicians?

Come on, I see those hands.

Time to tell us about your gear. No shame in your game. We all love gear too.

I play Fender Strats mostly (the Les Paul Custom makes an appearance on occasion) but the new session machine is a relatively inexpensive Fender Marauder (I love being able to switch between P90, single coils, and a humbucker without changing guitars!).

And pedals of noisiness: MXR Dyna Comp --> E.W.S. Fuzzy Drive --> Fulltone OCD (and/or sometimes a ProCo RAT) --> MXR Carbon Copy delay

When volume isn't a problem, I use a 50 watt Marshall JTM45.
When the sound guy is mean, or I don't want to break the back, a Fender Blues Jr combo.

What are you rocking these days?

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