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Post by markgunnells on Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:28 pm

Anyone who remembers me from the days of The Haunt may also remember that in 2010 Sideshow Press released a "horror calendar", every month featured a horrific illustration by either Tom Moran or Tony Karnes. I decided that it would be a fun, year long project to write a collection where each month I would write a story based on that month's illustration. I placed the tales in the framework of a bunch of kids at summer camp staying up past lights out to tell each other spooky tales. I felt the collection had a nice, urban legend kind of feel.

I finally decided to put the collection up on Amazon. Something quick and fun people might enjoy. The artists have given me permission to showcase the artwork that inspired the tales, so I've decided each month of this year I'll post that month's calendar illustration on my blog and Facebook. January was a drawing by Tony Karnes that inspired my story "The Woman on the Side of the Road." Below is the link to my blog which features that illustration as well as the link to the ordering info for my collection. Wink 


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