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Zach's 100 album infusion Empty Zach's 100 album infusion

Post by Zach on Thu May 01, 2014 8:27 am

Since the weather has warmed up, I've taken up my morning walks again. I typically listen to short story podcasts or music while walking. I'm not the most well-versed person when it comes to music, and I'm looking to correct that with the help of you, the forum. So here it goes. I will listen to the first 100 albums posted here that are available on Spotify. I don't do illegal downloads, and Spotify is just what I'm using at the moment, so please adhere to that rule. I typically listen to industrial metal, bands like NIN, Marilyn Manson, Mushroomhead, Dope, Static X, etc. so bands in that vein would be welcomed but really I'm open to anything. I'll typically listen to it if it has a guitar. Keep in mind that some albums you'd assume I've heard, well, I haven't, or at least haven't listened to them beyond a song or two on the radio. Part of this will be the generational gap speaking, so be kind and hold your fire when you realize how deep my lack of music variety goes. Also, I don't really do pop, hip hop, R&B, rap, or country. I'll be listening to each album in turn and maybe posting a bit about each. Okay. Curious to see what you all throw at me. GO!

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